Manoj Kumar Ray | Social Worker

Manoj Ray

Manoj Kumar Ray was an entrepreneur in the field of Networking Solutions and continues in this profession for his bread and butter before entering public life in the year 2012

Around the year 2000 there were some situations in the colony where he resided Pulpahladpur that created situations for him to go into public service. He was elected as general secretary in the local RWA. While working for the people he realized that a gap existed between what the people needed and what the people in power were doing, To give them a voice he entered into a full fledged public life. Here he learned that there were evils which did not allow the ordinary citizen to get most work done, he fought the evil of corruption, and challenged some people in power to get the voice of the people to where it mattered. He got associated with the JAN LOKPAL Movement lead by Sh.Anna Hazare and regularly participated in rallies, dharna and fasts and developed a good reputation with Delhi Team of the Movement and because of his association and hard work, when Aam Aadmi Party fought its first election in the year 2013, he was chosen as Party candidate from Tughlakabad Constituency in the South-East District of Delhi and spread the message of the party at grassroot level. He lost but made his presence in the heart of public of Tughlakabad being honest, sincere . In the year 2014 due to differences with the party leadership, he quit the Aam Aadmi Party . He continues as an active freethinker, and social activist.

He believes that Politics of the 21st century shall be of progress and development and he also believes that People are gradually realizing that if we require a clean and honest government working for the welfare of its people, people have to support honest and sincere person.

Being a social worker and people’s person, he make people aware about various Government's Schemes and assist them in completing the procedural formalities and if required pursuance with the government authorities.

He believes that present system can be free from corruption and nepotism if people are aware about their rights, decentralization of power, reforms in Police, Administration and Justice Delivery System.